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Mark Tower I

This is the first of a series of posts illustrating my process of modeling and 3d print of the new Daniels Real estate building (formerly Mark Tower) in downtown Seattle.

The Parametric model was design in Grasshopper to allow for adjustments in Dimension, Spacing, and Thicknesses (All important in the process of testing successful 3d prints). Triangular surfaces formed the independent bases for which mullions and beams were aligned as well as the boundary for the slab. Modeling this way allowed for each piece to be consistently spaced and oriented with a great deal of precision.

The Structure was split into 3 categories: Beams, Slab, and Mullions.

The lateral supports were separated from the slab in order to create a tabbing system that would allow the each mullion section to snap fit in between its respective beam.

Parametric tabs were modeled into the Lateral beams and mullions so that the fit could be tested for tolerance.

The test prints have been promising with larger scales able to hold together tightly without adhesive.

More progress pics to come...

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