• Niels Hoyle-Dodson

Shape Transform & Surface Pattern

Started off this study with a shape transform tutorial in Grasshopper,

Link here:

The shape is created through the following form generating logic:

- Extrusion

- Transformation

- Rotation

- Scale

The tutorial never ended up including a demo on how to create the surfac pattern so I took a shot at creating my own.

The objects surface was divided into segments horizontally and vertically. Each section is scaled and lofted outward to create the tapered surfaces. A point attraction modifying was applied to the scaling function to create a size changing effect in the openings from top to bottom.

One Challenge I ran into was getting the outer surfaces to join with a smooth inner surface. I ended up having to join it in Rhino as grasshopper did not have the functionality to intersect the inner surface with multiple extrusions (Those from the openings). Might try getting a script to do something like this in the future.

Print Setting:

- .10mm

- 40% infill

- Supports @ <10 deg cantilever

The supports were a pain to get off and I'm not sure they were even needed, so next time i might tests a print like this without supports.

Quality turned out great. I'm excited to find ways to tighten up the proportions and details of geometry like this through scripting.

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